Thursday, November 20, 2008

New home

This is the new apartment, i just moved into last thursday. it will be a week tomorrow!

This bedroom set i found on craigslist, it cost 600 dollars! the matress alone was bought for 900. i saved more than $2000 on the bedroom alone.
then the couch costed $40. the couch, the kitchen ware, the coffee table, and the entertainment center which i just realized i forgot to take a picture of, i got from a guy i found on craigslist, that was moving and wanted to get rid of his stuff.. also a vacum cleaner, lots of other stuff. some lucky deals. I think the house is cozy and cute, and has LOADS of storage. so it«s not hard to keep it looking clean. the ktichen table was a mess there, because i just got home and put everything on it. but usually it's clean.
I'm tired from work.. it's getting more stressful there. I have no working tv... cable is very expensive here.. and mostly crappy i'm not sure i'll get it or not. right now i'm listening to the litle radio that is in the bedroom... nice music and some news. geez. can't beleive i forgot to take a picture of the entertainment center.. it has the tv, some books, a painting, a picture, a sculped mask by Nuno Afonso which i LOVE. anyway. these pictures i took in a hurry, so my mom could see them now. i might take some more later.
i need to go find out how the laundry place works.. i'm a bit stresesed having so much to do. i need to learn to manage my time.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

big sur camping

Election Day

So today is election day!
It was also my first day at work.
Lots of news... I took a picture of the official Ballot, I thought it might be interesting for those of you who will never see one. You get to vote for the president, representatives blabla, local school directors, and in 12 propositions (referendos) . one of the most talked about was prop 8 which wants to extinguish gay people's right to get married! prop 2 wants animal farms to be obliged to let all animals be free for at least half an hour a day, to strech limbs, wings, etc.
So i thought it was cool that we're able to vote for all these things all at once.
Next I will post pictures of last weekend...