Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I do take me

"I do take me"

A poem that is a tribute to the most forgeotten love which is the love of self ... - By Astarius

I love myself with all my heart
Eternal knowing God in part
No more hatred, no more pain
Legacy of heaven mine to claim

once i really hated me
a self induced catastrophy
Others began to hate me too
Hatred's reflexion became my due

When i look in any mirror
each reflection is my own
if i dislike that which I am
Rejection by others will be shown

In self acceptance let me grow
to here by let all others know
I want others to accept me too
They only follow what I do

I ask myself to marry me
to thus fulfill my destiny
I promisse always to be true
Self love and honour I am due

Sweet self I'm sorry for the pain
Forgive and love me once again
I want me for eternity
a better lover than to be

Now every bond is sweeter too
For loving me is loving you
within the church of heaven's house
I do take me to be my spouse