Monday, October 12, 2009

New painting

The first one is the one i painted! the second is the original. I saw it in an art gallery with a friend and he loved it, so I decided to paint one for him :D
I like the end result. Its not my kind of painting but was fun to do. I need to paint more. This gallery exposes paintings of new local artists. Maybe one day i will have enough paintings to show there. I need at least 15.

Life has been hectic and weird otherwise. With some good moments. I'm depressed again but avoiding getting back on medication for now. I will have health insurance soon, so will try to see a therapist.
I'm going to move to a new place with a roomate, we will share a 2 bedroom place, which should be awesome and cheap. We are excited about 2 places now. We will apply for both and see what happens.
Hope you like the painting!
Love and miss my friends in LX!


Devil Mood said...

Oh it's lovely, well done! :)
I don't think I knew you had such a talent...

Caioneach said...

Don't forget to give credit to the tom cat who helped you out. ;)

Rui said...

Love it. Your's cutier than the original :p Espero ter acertado na palavra. Acho o teu mais fofo.
Saudades tuas também.

Violet said...

Devil Mood, obrigada! Se clicares nos arquivos de 2006 nos primeiros posts tem varias fotos de outros quadros que fiz! check it out =)

deepbluewater said...

Oi miga :D
Tenho pensado em ti, i miss u!
Como vão as coisas aí? adorei o quadro ;)

fernandojmonteiro said...

Olá Belo quadro, gostava de saber pintar.
Quando voltas?