Saturday, August 31, 2013


There's a girl on youtube that I follow (CosmicExpansion) she started as a beauty guru and then she went to India on a spiritual search and now she makes videos about things she learned there. She talked about 4 concepts that people should try to follow, and one of them stuck with me, I tried to memorize it and this is what I remember from it: the principle of integrity means following through with whatever you say. Both to others and to yourself. If you tell someone you will meet them at 8, then meet them at 8. If you make a new years resolution to stop smoking, than make sure you do it. If something changes, than let the other person know, or yourself , whichever the case, about the change. Following this principle is supposed to increase self esteem. And it just makes so much sense! You need to trust yourself, be worthy of trust. This is one of only 4 principles that are considered most important. I love it.

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