Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Today's regression experience

I did a regression that I found on Brian Weiss youtube channel TheOmegaInstitute, and it takes to a memory of childhood, then to in utero, then a past life. My childhood memory was of being 3 or 4 years old in my childhood home, exploring outside of the house, by myself, maybe for the first time, I was scared when a car went by me too fast for that road, and I felt alone. A sense of the unknown, exploring the world, alone. In the in utero experience, I felt peaceful and opened, interested. When it came time for the birth I very suddenly started crying very loud, feeling very scared, I eventually found some comfort in the idea of my parents being there for me, to hold me. But it was hard to move on from how disturbing that experience was and to find a bit of comfort in someone else being there to protect me and love me. In the past life experience, my first feeling was of being someone very tall and thin, male, wearing strap sandals, caucasian, I lived away from the village in a small simple cabin a short walk away from a river. I had family in the village. When it came to going to an important time in that lifetime, i think it was the event of someone's death, someone I was connected too, but i didn't feel any sadness or any feelings at all. The traditions were very different, maybe this was in Asia, things look different, it's not a coffin. Most people wear white only. I don't know what year it is, there is no technology at all, it's all very simple and natural. My two sisters were there, as villagers, and I think we were connected by our relationship to the person that had died. there were no emotions about anything. The moment of death must have been peaceful, i just had the impression of being in a organized row of people on the ground, maybe in hospital beds, no feelings or emotions at all about any of those experiences. The life seemed very peaceful, if bland. I found it interesting that there was a sort of a pattern in all the memories that came to me, in all of them I was either alone or feeling alone, and exploring the world on my own. connection with others was rare and didn't come naturally. In the past life I think i might have been a loner, maybe a monk, but not so officially so, someone interested in intellectual and spiritual pursuits and avoiding human contact and strong emotions, a sort of buddhist. When asked if i recognized people around me, there was a sense of "people? oh, maybe, away in the village there are people, and I am connected officially to some of them". Unfortunately i didn't get any messages about the meaning of that life, or lessons. But i can absolutely see how those experiences and feelings are a part of me. My aquarius rising, detached emotionally, hating drama, south node in house 1 in pisces, my past lives would have been spiritual, but lonely, focused on me, and exploring on my own, pioneering my own spirituality. Very interesting stuff. Thank u Brian Weiss! This totally reminds me why i'm fascinated about past life regression.

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