Monday, June 02, 2008


I love staring at ant nests, I get hypnotized. As I walking the dog a couple days ago. I found one and was looking at it while the dog peed somewhere near it, then the dog started to scratch the dirt as to cover the pee and lots of dirt went over the nest. A tragedy, similar to a tsunami or a big earthquake was hitting that nest.
And I wondered if the ants would be thinking "Why would God allow such a tragedy to happen to us good working beings? what kind of world is this where awful things happen with no apparent reason? There is no God!"
Isn't that what people think when a tragedy hits their lifes?
Maybe God is constructing itself through us, and whatever choices we make, by for example, killing bugs because they are in our way, similar things will happen to us sooner or later, we'll be on the way of something bigger.


Devil Mood said...

that's a complex theory, not sure my head is able to grasp God constructing through us. I have a migraine :P
Ants are fascinating! How can such little creatures have such a structure and organization?

Violet said...

I love ants. they're very saturnine, right?

I meant God being constructed through us. In the sense he's not any bigger or higher then our consciente level. As we evolve, God evolves.

Devil Mood said...

Do you mean as we evolve as a race from monkeys to humans? From non-complex animals to complex animals? Or as we ourselves evolve since we're born?
Why am I complicating things?

Violet said...

I mean as we evolve from low conscience level to being budas. so, in a spiritual sense.
I don't think animals are necessarily less evolved spiritually. some people say whales and dolphins are very evolved spiritually, and even send telepathic messages to people :P
frm my experience, I've felt God in dogs and cats, and children.

I do beleive there is a higher intelligence though. higher then me at least.