Monday, November 12, 2007

Cabo da Roca & update

This is me, sunday afternoon, at Cabo da Roca, supposedly the most western spot in europe (if you ignore the azores islands in the middle of the atlantic).

I've decided to start writing in english here, so more people can understand what i'm writing about :) pretty much all my portuguese readers understand english so this won't be a problem.

My S.A.D has given me a break these days, with jupiter conjunct my moon this week and the next, it's been nice.

Makes me think that if i had started taking anti depressants a few weeks ago when it began, I would think this break was due to it. But it isn't! I'm glad.

I'll be back soon to talk about stuff. I'll stop waiting for a good reason to write here and just force myself to, because it helps alot. All (nice) feedback from you is very welcome, in the language you prefer (just no deutsh, please anonimo or I'll have to use babel fish). off to bed.

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