Friday, November 23, 2007


I had my gastric bypass 2 years ago, yesterday :)
been a nice ride all in all. Or at least it's nice to think so. I was supposed to have celebrated it, as a rebirth date, but i was too lazy to do that. Though I had a nice evening, going out to Bairro Alto, having some "jaquinzinhos" - they're tiny fried fish - and some nice white wine, with my boyfriend and his father. We're heading to the snow tomorrow, at Serra da Estrela. It has been snowing there a bit since last weekend.
Hopefully iIwon't freeze my ass there. Haven't bought proper winter clothes. I need a nice warm coat.
That's the bad thing about loosing so much weight, you need to keep buying new clothes for 2 years, while the weight is coming off you need to keep getting new stuff. So I started to buy mine second hand mostly, I find great things at Humana downtown. I have tons of big old clothes to give them too. I love to buy like 2 dreamy pairs of jeans (sometimes i'm lucky to find some already cut the right leg size for me), 3 shirts, and some shoes for less then 20 euros! Makes my day.
Humana is amazing. They accept 2 hand clothes that people donate and then sell them really cheap, and the profits go for charity. And maybe 20% of the stuff there is really good quality and nice taste. others are so kitsh it's funny to look at. Something for everyone there.
I weigh around 60 kgs now. I think that may be around 120 pounds. My body mass indicator says i'm normal :) not morbidly obese, not obese, not excessive weight.
I find that i'm loosing apetite though. Right now i'm starved, I know this because I feel a bit weak and slight headache, i haven't eaten in a few hours, but i don't feel like eating anything. It's strange and sometimes I get scared. Mostly because people are telling me i need to stop loosing weight, and it's just not happening, even though i eat half a can of condensed milk a day, on top of regular meals, Not sure I understand this . I lost 2 kg (4 pounds) at least in the last 3 weeks. Eating condensed milk almost everyday which is a calorie bomb. I'll ask the nutricionist about this. I have a feeling eating high sugared things can be causing the faster weight loss lately, as contradictory as it might sound. But it isn't so absurd. If i'm constantly starved like i have been mostly, the body goes into survival mode, and doesn't waste any energy, the metabolism lowers. If you have alot of calories it changes back to normal mode, and starts to burn as it would normaly. My weigh was alot more stable before i found i could have condensed milk and not feel so sick i could die.
And 2 years after the surgery you're supposed to begin having a certain tendency to put on weigh again, since the restrictive absortion effect of the surgery looses it's "effect" around this time.. the body makes up for it, gets used to it.. and the only thing that works to keep the weight down is the smaller stomache, which some people manage to strech alot by this time. Even if they don't there's always a slight tendency to gain a few pounds after the 2 year mark.
but this is not happening totally for me, i guess. I do feel I don't miss my vitamins as much, not at all actually. And haven't for maybe 2 months. Before this, if i forgot to take them in the morning i'd feel weak, and now I don't notice any difference.
So the absortive aspect (1 meter of the bowel is bypassed in order to be used for a different purpose other then absorving nutrients and calories, so that leads to further weight loss with this surgery, but that stops after 2 years because the body learns to compensate for it)
is problably working, meaning it has problably compensated as it's supposed to.
I think it's because i've been so stressed out too. My white blood cells just give up on me when i'm depressed and stressed. I can feel them do this. Also my stomache feels really full with half a cup of water when i'm stressed, it must shrink or something. But I know this is common .
Makes me feel it's urgent to start being happy. Happier.
I'm really thankful for lots of good things today. Just hope I keep learning to appreciate things more and more.
There would be alot more to talk about this surgery and all the aspects related to it. Saturn in virgo would be a nice time to talk more about it. Not sure i want to though. Maybe if it comes up. I get a feeling non bypassed people will think I'm a freak talking about this :)
Though people thinking i'm a freak tends to give me a bit of a kick, it's not always desirable and rarely my priority as I live my life, and do my choices.
Post secret: I crave acceptance some times.
Wishing you a nice weekend... I'll be back on monday, God willing.

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