Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Job search

Lots of important things have happened today and yesterday. I'll get into that tomorrow maybe, not today. I didn't get any sleep and feel too weird. I'm looking for a job. I'd like to inform the Universe that I'm open to the perfect job for me at this time in life. Can you hear me, Universe? I'm ready for it. You know how to find me.
Yeah, job searching can be exausting. Shouldn't be as much for me, this is supposed to be the area of life where I'm lucky and have good karma. Here's the astrology:

Jupiter in the Sixth House 6th hs
This is a very useful placement, because it enables you to learn through working. You are able to put off getting something you want at the moment in favor of a goal that is more distant and usually more meaningful in the long run. By doing this, you grow in maturity and understanding. You will gain a great deal by giving to and working for others, which may not pay off immediately, but eventually it will bring you more than you can imagine.
You need to find work that is meaningful for you. Dull, repetitive and seemingly pointless tasks will turn you off very quickly, for you do not have as much patience as some people. But if you know that your duties are important, you will carry on with them until the very end.
As you get older, you will try to understand the world and people through work and service to others. You will be most attracted to fields that expose you to as many different kinds of people and situations as possible. You may work in a foreign country or with foreign people.

Jupiter Trine Midheaven
This aspect will be extremely useful, first by helping you find the right direction to take in your life and, second, by enabling you to make others feel positive about you and eager to help if you need it. You have a strong sense of social responsibility, a feeling that you should give your life over to a purpose that is useful to the world. You will always get along easily with authorities. You know that they have something to teach you, and you are willing to learn from them. You will always have a project to work on, because you hate to be idle, either in mind or body. Usually you are busy with some consuming interest, which may mean more to you than being with others. You feel that you are self- sufficient, that your activities are enough to give you a sense of fulfillment in life.

This is true, I'd be sure to hire me if I were an employer. I beleive the Universe conspires to realize your wishes once you put them out there, so this is me doing exactly that.
My perfect job would be 30 hours per week, using my skills in psychology or astrology, or translating, or all of the above and maybe some other skills I might have, maybe computer skills or driving skills! And i'd be payed for it, a fair amount. I'd be happy with that.
Thank you Universe, in advance.

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