Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Embrace your mortality

"Embrace your mortality" was the answer I got. The question : "What can I do to heal us?"

This was one of those chats between me and a specific part of my soul. I don't want to sound weird today, so I won't get into details about how it works. I just wanted to reflect about it.

( Don't mean to underestimate my fellow excentric-seekers-of-the-Truth's hability to be fascinated by these type of stories, but I don't want to over expose sacred things.)

I had forgotten this message, and accidently found it 2 days ago in an old email, where I used to keep a sort of diary.

Embrace your mortality. What does this mean?

It means: Be ok with the fact you are in a body. Be ok with being here temporarily and possibly leaving unexpectedly. Being ok with your plans being frustrated by death. Detach from your persona. Take care of your body, it's a precious tool. Learn to do this by yourself even though no one did it for you when you expected them to - and you survived it, see how powerful you are? - You can create this hability from scratch. you have this power.

To not accept death is just the same as not accepting life. There is a direct connection between both. The story behind me not accepting death would sound weird as it has to do with a past life event. I didn't want to be born. (Ask my mother!! ) They had to pull me out a few weeks after the due date for birth. For some reason I did come. But I know why, mostly. I have a big need to learn, gain awareness. And it seems being here is the way to do that faster.

Mortalility is a big concept... it's the physical death, ilness, pain, spiritual transition at any given time. The life I chose as Viviana has prepared me to accept this better then i did before. This and a couple of other things.

Learning to love yourself is another big part of healing. Be the most important person in someone's life, starting with your own, perhaps. I'm here to learn to love, and that includes alot of things that need to happen in the process.

Do you know what are you here for? Do you think it makes a difference?

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