Friday, February 01, 2008

Butter & Co.

Forgive me, I just can't help myself....I just baked these for that dinner this weekend. Waiting for those beauties to cool down so I can freeze them.

A Randam Fact about me I just remembered: as a kid my grandmother used to crush an aspirine and mix it with sugar so I would take it when I was sick. Didn't taste bad at all.

I'll be away from home for the next 5 days and I'm afraid I'll miss cooking so much I won't be able to sleep. This is what I do lately, I'm in bed planning to cook things the next day and fighting the urge to get up and not sleep at all..... Is there a Cooking Addicts Anonymous ? Maybe I should start one. This as lasted for 3 weeks now.

I've always liked to cook ocasionally, but especially because I wanted to eat something special.

Another Random Fact: I started cooking when I was 7 years old, pancakes.

I made some great oatmeal bread yesterday. I had some fresh baked bread with real azorean butter : Ilha Azul. (translation: blue island) It's made in my island, where all the cows are happy cows.

There's pictures of the cows a couple of posts below by the way.
So, back to the cooking, I think this adiction is very interesting. It's fueled by the fact that people compliment me on it. It makes them happy. And that makes me happy. Cooking itself makes me happy lately, that's the real mistery. I think of the combinations I can make, the improvements, how things would taste if I do it another way... I'm looking for perfection. That's the ultimate goal. Makes me feel more independent, powerful in some weird housewife way.

Lately I had been feeling traumatized with dining out... since meeting my boyfriend 6 months ago I started to eat at restaurants all the time with him, and even though he usually insists in paying all of it I am shocked by how much money one spends, and then the food sometimes is so not worth it. (by the way, I've done some great pizzas at home now, that's so cheap to make an so much better then when u buy them here. I make one with pesto and buffalo mozzarela and cherry tomates, and thyme or basilic, not sure now, it was great) It might have started when I paid 1.10 euro for a Brigadeiro. I can make 50 of those with 1.10 euro. It's a tiny ball made with condensed milk and coccoa. neither of those ingredientes cost more then 70 cents and can make lots of those balls. Also because I have a tiny stomach I usually feel sick eating out because I try to force myself to eat a whole plate, then spend 40 minutes feeling very sick.. maybe all these things amounted to my compulsive cooking.

Anyway, it's not a bad thing at all, just weird.
I'd like to say my computer is packed with trojans lately. And they make my keyboard very slow. It's much better today, maybe all the adawares I installed are working, but it's still not normal. So the lasts posts are full of typos, which I won't correct unless someone asks me too. I think it's readeable like that.

Hope u enjoyed my pictures. Have a great weekend/Carnival!


Devil Mood said...

You're enchantingly insane and you make me laugh.
I won't correct the typos unless someone asks me to LOL that killed me! And the cookers anonymous is crazy - I never knew one could get obsessed with that.
I rarely eat out - I only like it when the food is really worthwhile, like going to a greek restaurant near me, where the food is heavenly. Otherwise I agree it's a waste of money and I miss homely food. Especially soup, I'm addicted to soup.

Devil Mood said...

Oh enjoy your Carnival!

Violet said...

hehe I'm glad I made you laugh.
the typos thing wasn't a joke, I just meant I'll be glad to correct it if someone has trouble understanding it, otherwise I won't bother.
I had no idea one could get addiceted to cooking either but I see no other way to look at this! :P
I wish I liked soup! :P I like really good soup, like sopa da pedra in Casa das Sopas. Oh, I was going to ask if you've tried it, but it's NOT vegetarian at all.
I hope you have fun too, I'm about to leave any minute. HUGSSSSSSS

phish said...

your addiction to cooking is amusing. reminds me of the time when i was. but i think i have forgotten how to cook. the last three weeks for me have been one mistake after the other.

maybe i need a few tips.

and i am sure you will enjoy your carnival.

Anonymous said...

more food. yessss...I have nothing to eat in the fridge. For lunch I had a 'salad' of carrot, roasted almonds and peas (yes, peas) with boiled egg.
Dinner was 2 potatoes and cheese. Bad, gross, baking potatoes, not even the good kind.

B went out for dinner and I went to the shops to buy food but forgot my money so came home empty-handed...then it started snowing and I didn't want to leave again.

LOL..guess I'll just eat catfood tomorrow?!

Violet said...

hi phish, I think following a recipe is the best when you're not too inspired to cook. I learned to cook curry by a goan woman that came to my house one time. Are you from Goa?

Chrispito, I wish I could cook for you! I just bought lots of ingredients but no one to eat them, not even me since i don't have much of an apetite these days, it's just sad. I volunteered to cook for a childrens institution
, I hope they will accept my food. =) I'm making more filhoz, this time with pumpkin on them.. and some bread with cereals... I'd say you should always have some basic ingredients at home for these times. I make corn starch porrige sometimes, back in the day I didn't cook. it's a comfort food for me. and all it takes is corn starch some sugar and milk. yum.... I ate that for a whole week once. I got addicted to it.