Thursday, February 21, 2008

solar return

I'm wallet was stolen today. I'm just.....ready to check out. so tired, so unmotivated....tired tired whole body hurts.
I hope the next days are better. the new job is hard.
i just want to sleep. goodnight.


Devil Mood said...

OH :(
That sucks!
Perhaps having an eclipse and full moon on our birthday isn't exactly easy.
I'm sorry about the wallet. Hopefully a good night sleep did wonders for you.
I hope you have a great day - over here it's so hot, it's like summer!
The blog is looking lovely.

Violet said...

thank u **
yes, i'm having a much better day. not much time to be online though.... i'm about to crash in bed. hope to have some time by the weekend to catch up.
I'm glad you like the design =)

Anonymous said...

boo! I hate theives! Grrrrr
Have a delicious sleep and come back soon :)