Friday, February 29, 2008

Wish board

This image is definetly part of my "wish board". things I want in my life.
I'm getting very psyched about going to florida. I google-earthed it yesterday, and saw some pictures of the Keys...... tropical islands in the south of Florida. I never knew that existed outside far away pacific islands like Bora Bora, where i'd have to fly 29 hours to get to.
I'm a tropical island freak.


Devil Mood said...

I'm happy that you have that purpose. I really like investigating over the things I'm interested in (Venus in Scorpio) he.
But I wouldn't last more that a couple of days in a tropical island. Unless I was really tired.

Violet said...

I'm excited. i might go there in a few weeks personally.
I live having at least 2 seasons.I do get tired of summer after a while. But the sun is good for me. I partially die during winter. I still breathe but am not really here.
I once dreamt of heaven and it was a tropical island. Don't think i'd ever get too sick of it.

Cris & Juarez Jr said...

Obrigada pela visita!
Que bom que está gostando do blog e espero que continue acompanhando.
E se você gosta de sol o ano inteiro, sem inverno, Flórida é o lugar... Sunshine State!! :)

Abraços e boa sorte na mudança!