Sunday, February 17, 2008

Rainy Sunday

it's a rainy day around here....
I've been recovering from a nasty flu.

Tomorrow will be my first day at work officially. I'll be stoping people in the street to talk to them about human rights and asking them to be a supporter. This would be fine in most places, but doing it in lisbon is kind of spooky. People aren't happy. They are poor and have too many problems of their own, kids and husband to feed, and dealing with traffic, that sort of thing. who cares about female genital mutilation and darfur when you have all these things going on. it won't be easy.
I think this will be a big part of my saturn return in the 7th. And a big part of my life in general. My development as a person. I'll need to learn to get up by myself, over and over. What saturn in the 7th has taught me so far has been to find peace inside me after being let down by other people. It made me feel ok by knowing i'm a good person, doing my best, it's ok to not be perfect as long as you are trying your best and not being mean or having bad intentions. But I wonder if i'll be able to do this everyday.
I feel sickish.....
my cooking craze is gone. i'll still cook, because i want to eat. but it's not very joyous lately.
Pray for me.
My birthday will be this week, by the way.


Devil Mood said...


Espero que amanhã te sintas a 100% para começares com o pé direito.

Vais ver que à medida que o tempo passar, não te vai parecer tão estranho. Uma vez estive a fazer telefonemas para listas de pessoas e era uma coisa que me aterrorizava, mas passado algum tempo já fazia aquilo com alguma naturalidade. (estou farta de ingles por isso respondo assim hoje).

Acho que estás a ser muito corajosa com este trabalho por isso vais ver que terás recompensas.

Violet said...

obrigada linda.tou mesmo a precisar ouvir isso.
ainda por cima estou com um ataque de sindrome do colon irritavel agora :/ ke dores de barriga. enfim
há de ser fixe. amanha lá com os colegas logo acalmo.

Anonymous said...

OOoh! Good luck! I can't wait to hear about your adventures! And Happy Birthday too! :)