Sunday, March 02, 2008


updating... I'm going to Florida for a couple of weeks this month =) To check it out and meet some friends.
i'll need to get some documents meanwhile. since my wallet was stollen last week.

I'm sick again. I have been sickish ever since 2008 began almost. I've had a flu 4 times. I have weird symptoms this time. I'm itching. not sure it's an allergy or a bug. seems like an alergy on my upper body and like a bug on my legs. I have low fever today.... and it hurts a bit. also I cough non stop for almost an our every night in the past 3 days. then I'm normal the other 23 hours. Feels like I have water in my lungs ticking inside. I'll try to go to a doctor tomorrow. hope that works out. I've started to hate doctors...
I've had other strange symptoms . I hope it's nothing serious. I don't feel much like dying at this time in life.

turns out the cooking craze isn't totally gone. I was just too exhausted before. I didn't sleep much due to the iching so i'm very tired today. too tired to cook. I'm glad it's not gone. it's not such a craze now, but it's entertaining.


Devil Mood said...

Yay! It's great if you meet people there, makes it a lot more real. It's very sudden though, isn't it? :)

Hope you feel better soon. lol you will not die now!

Violet said...

:) yes, things tend to happen very suddenly in the life of this uranian person. It wasn't really my choice, it usually isn't.

I'm meeting some friends of my familly that live there, but as they are about to move to another state they wanted me to come as soon as possible.
Just hope i'm not sick then!

Anonymous said...

Ugh! Violet aren't you having your SR in Virgo right now? Quite a few people I know with Virgo prominent in their charts are being bombarded by weird ailments...
Anyhow I hope you enjoy your holiday and get better soon!

Violet said...

chrispito, I am!'s not exatct, maybe 3 degrees from exact. but that's supposed to be even stronger, right?

I have been sick non stop almost, it's not normal. i'm on antibiotics and fungicides now. I hope it helps.
the doctor was really nice though, that was unexpected.
thank u =)