Wednesday, March 05, 2008


So I made these cookies, and I wanted to show you and post a recipe - a kind of recipe at least.
i don't have alot of time cause i'm baking bread, oatmeal bread, my favorite. i need to get it into the oven in 10 minutes.
On second thought, i'll go do that now! a more relaxed spirit now. Having saturn opposite mercury means requiring alot of time to write and edit.
These cookies are really good. I've been trying different things and these were the best so far. This is what I put in:
2 medium eggs
1 cup of sugar
1 cup of wheat flour - the non self rising
and then
1 cup of self rising flour
1 cup of corn starch
(OMG the bread is smelling wonderful now...i'm near the kitchen)
The flour measures are aproximate and I don't think it's too important that they are exact. If you don't have self rising flour be sure to put baking soda. maybe 1 spoon.
then I put some coconut, maybe 1 cup.
Then i made small balls with the dough in my hands, then flattened them a bit, and put a roasted almond in the center. Then I baked them for maybe 20 min in average heat.
The bread is wonderful too. :)
My housemate says "this cooking phase of mine is wonderful" hehehe.
My camera is out of batteries, so i'm using the camera on my phone.. and them emailing the photo to myself. and it takes forever.
I hope to get the bread photo soon.....


Devil Mood said...

Almendrados? Se juntasses um bocado de amendoa ralada eram almendrados, talvez. Outro dia comi uns maravilhosos. que lindos os teus.

Violet said...

hihi, sim quase...keria fazer de amendoa mas depois eria dificil moldar a massa com as amendoas la dentro. entao fiz assim.....
e por acaso dá uma fome de almendrados pq ficaram parecidos no aspecto, mas n sei fazer.