Friday, March 21, 2008

Pompano beach

Pelicans....and fish. there were loads of fish, colorful ones, big ones. needle fish too.
Notice the sign "manatee zone" :D I love manatees, I wish I'd see one.

Baggle with cream cheese! From dunkin donuts. First time I ever ate there. The baggle has alot of cinnamon and some raisins, it was amazing. I also had something called bow tie.. don't get me started on that.

I went to Pompano Beach again, and was able to park the car and walk around.. there were loads of fish near the fishermen, i stared at them for a while. They are colourful.. Couldn't get a visible photo of them. The house photos are along a road called A1a, that goes between the ocean and a cannal, it has amazing homes on both sides of the road.

I fed birds today, with cookies... a crow and pidgeons and seaguls! the seaguls actually caught the cookie on the air a couple of times! I was sitting on a bench and they would fly above my head. like a meter away or so. It was really cool. It was windy so they just floated in the wind. it was fun. loads of birds came.


Devil Mood said...

It's lovely and my feet are cold. Can I come over? ;)

I'll have to google manatee because I don't know what that is. And now you made me hungry again. Cookie time hehe

Violet said...

I got a litle sun burn today :P just to make u jeolous :)
Manatees are a mix of dolphin and cow! :) they're known as sea cows.
they're very docile and gentle, unfortunatly they're in danger, because of boats and people. there are some manatee reserves in florida.

Devil Mood said...

Oh, I've heard of those but my mental image of them is scary! lol Seacows...

Violet said...

no.. they're very sweet.
I saw a documentary about them many years ago.. antigamente os marinheiros confundiam-los com sereias..... ja foste ao google ve-los? sao uma pasmaceira =) nada agressivos.
estive a alimentar um aligator agora aki perto de casa! vou por fotos agora.

Devil Mood said...

Ora aí está uma coisa que não se faz todos os dias! Pelo menos por estas paragens...

Já vi os manatees, são pachorrentos, de facto. Tadinhos.

Cel said...

Prima, Baggle with cream cheese, neste momento tou a odiar-te... K fome... K saudds!!! Pois os manatins são lindos, parecem super preguiçosos e fofos, a mim fazem-me lembrar hipopotamos com barbatanas. Chegaste a ver algum ou nem por isso?

Violet said...

Cel, tinhas razão, o dunkin donuts é demais! pelo menos as 2 coisas que comi lá.

não vi nenhum manatim :/
naquela zona passam montes de barcos super rapido, duvido ate que ainda haja algum ali.