Saturday, March 29, 2008

Mix Pix

In Miami...we were lost.The GPS included.
there are lots of benches with these words on them... I wonder why do people like to use benches as a memory of someone.

photo #3 another million dollar home. are you getting tired of them already? I'm ready to go inside one now.


Naples...... a kind of vintage car. We got alot of traffic on the way there.
At Iguana Mia having a burrito and other stuff. I still haven't finished that food. It's in the fridge.
The roof is really original! I think it was a bank... notice the "Off island" sign. No such thing in the azores. you actually drive through a highway to get to this island. There are lots of "hurricane evacuation route" signs around south florida...They make me kind of nervous.

I think this is sanibel island.. we went to captiva island next.
Houses in Naples.....this city is frikin' rich.... I was stunned. all the cars were top of the line. The houses are prettier then the ones i've seen in other places, they're more creative. I'd love to live here. I was awed.....unfortunatly I was out of batteries to take pictures by then. The gardens are specially amazing, everywhere. Landscape architects are very busy around here.


Devil Mood said...

I was looking at a map today and saw the places where you've been going. Naples included. It's beautiful.
I imagine the benches were where people liked to sit on, sometimes they write that as well.

Violet said...

did you use virtual earth maps?

I guess before people die they spend alot of time sitting on benches, thinking about life maybe. :)

Devil Mood said...

No, I used a regular Atlas, made of paper ;)

If one gets the chance to do that, I think it's not bad sitting on benches.