Thursday, March 13, 2008

day one

Today I woke up at 8 am and then we left to get my social security card... we waited about 30 minutes or a bit longer. There were some funny people there, it was packed. An old skinny lady was wearing fluffy blue tiger patterned old alippers. and her hair was crazy. People are very talkative and fun. There are loads of crows here, they are gorgeous, black and bluish, turquoise blue. Not as many obese people as I remember seeing in California, though there are a few.
Then we went for some clothes shopping at macy's and jc penny. not fun. the good clothes are extremely expensive and not worth it, and all the others are really cheap but i wouldn't be caught dead in them. i got a pair of pants and a shirt though, they're nice. and some white slippers. maybe i'll photograph them.
i didn't take any photos today.
tomorrow i'll go get my drivers license. i hope that works out ok.

then i'll cook some of those cookies. i'm improving the recipe and it's amazing by now. i use corn starch and no other flour, and a bit more of margerine. and i forgot to say i use a bit of vanilla essence now. they are the best cookies EVER! seriously. I brought some here, and i'll cook some more. there are tiny ants here.lots of them. I promisse to take nice photos. i'm dependant on other people to go around now so i don't have the time to stop and be artistic and photograph stuff that is exotic to me, like Dairy's Queen or dunkin donuts. Alot of time for that, i'll be here two more weeks.
I might go to miami for an interview.. I'll write about that once i now if there's anything to talk about.
I went to WALMART! I love walmart. I love the cosmetic /pharmacy section. LOVE IT. Love it. love it. I got some eye lubricant, some tooth paste, some protein bars, and an amazing vanilla shower cream. i'm happy. this is all i need. I'm happy here. I'll photograph all of it. just not today.
i'm tired. i slept 6 hours and we walked alot today. and now i´have to go stiching the pants i bought, cause they're too long.
more fun things to come. stay tunned.


Devil Mood said...

Perhaps that why the old lady was wearing leopard. Yikes ;P

Make the most of your euros, young lady, today the euro reached 1,56 $ very nice for buyers!

Oooh the cosmetic that too. You're always thinking about cooking again? heheh

Good luck with the license - is that merely burocratic or does it involve driving?

Violet said...

I'm thinking of eating more then of cooking :D the cookies are so addictive.

I'm gonna take a theory test and then a driving test. Everyone tells me its easy and it's all done in one day! The theory is slightly different here. i'm not sure i got it all right yet. i hope so. I can't wait to have my license!!!! :) ***

Devil Mood said...

Wow, I'm amazed. You only just got there and you're always taking tests with different theories...;) good luck!!!
(tb estou a comer e daqui a bocado vou para a cama hehe)

Violet said...

estou rodeada de pessoas eficientes :) estão a fazer me a papinha toda. mas acho que amanhã ainda não consigo a drivers license.. logo dou novidades.
dorme bem*