Saturday, March 22, 2008


Fire : I am what I do
Water : I am what I feel
Air: I am what I think
Earth: I am what I have.

Right? As a water element I tend to beleive I am what I feel. is there another way to look at it?
I wonder if other elements feel the same way.


Anonymous said...

What element am i? F.

Devil Mood said...

Yes, I think it's true. Even though I feel controled by my feelings,ultimately it's what I do that matters most(and frustrates me most). As you can see my 'space key' still isn't working well. :P

Violet said...

F, you're earth with a bit of fire.. what do u think?

Devil mood, that's nice to know.
can u change keyboard? :P do u have a laptop?
that's so annoying, I feel for you.

Devil Mood said...

It's a laptop :( But I'll live hehe