Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Link to video


there it is.
youtube didn't share the video to the blog, so this will have to do. =)
I hope to get better videos today. that one sucked. can anyone teach me how to edit a video? cut parts of it?

I think I can do it in the camera.. ugh. technology is not my friend.


Devil Mood said...

I have no idea but I think you need to have a special programme.
hehe but it was cool seeing that.

fernandojmonteiro said...

some rulez,
- don't make circles.
- move stable and slow
- don't make one big movie but 3 or 4 small

then you don't need editing ;)

Rui said...

Hi Viv!
I'm enjoying also your trip blog to Florida. I'd love to be there also.
But we can't have everything. Some day....
If you remember I'm a professional video editor! Maybe some day i can give you some "lights" about editing. But for now you can start using Windows Movie Maker, is easy. You'll need do "Capture" the video from your camera to your PC in Movie Maker, then you edit it, put some music, etc, and then will need do "Export" to a final video file that you can put in Youtube.
Bye, bye.
Rui FĂ©lix.