Wednesday, March 19, 2008

shopping spree


I have to take back what I said about here not being a good place to get pretty clothes. Today I found a few great places, I love what I found. Photo 3 and 4 are the same, except one is in black the other in plum, and i got another in yellow which is really cute too, but the photo of it sucked.

I love them. My fav is the black one. it has 2 handpockets in the front, and the back has a square cut too in the neck.

The blue shoes are supposed to work as sport shoes. they are pretty confortable. Except they are ugly in socks. I got a special sock for them, but didn't really work. We'll see how they behave.

The slippers were the most expensive item I got, 29 dolars. From american eagle. they're leather, they're cute. The strap is in silver. The strap iches a bit.

The nine shirts costed 106 dolars all together, and they're very good quality, so i'm happy with what I got (as you might have noticed, I didn't photograph all the shirts, not much in the mood for it. This post was actually requested by my boyfriend, hence my effort)

I feel weird though. Don't know why. When life is easy you tend to become superficial. I'm having an identity crisis I think.
In one of my metaphysical chats with my buddies on the other side, I was shown my life in the future.. how it would be, and it was kind of materialistic. kind of superficial. At least compared to ... hmm... I guess to what it could be, compared to it's potential. We'll see. I'll do my best to keep in check. It was a pretty nice "future", just kind of ... normal. it was the american dream I guess.

I think about this once in a while. How to avoid looking for happiness in the wrong place, and at the same time respect whatever evolution is taking place at the moment, whithout being harsh/unloving.
ps. yes, I use glasses at night. I look dorky.
pps. I got some nice earings too.


Anonymous said...

love the flash photo.
All those pretty clothes are so you.
Hug F.

Devil Mood said...

You look really different there.
I usually call that 'catholic guilt' - when things start going well I panic: what will come next? I bet it's bad...
it's ridiculous!

Violet said...

yeah... I kind of think it won't last forever, nothing ever does, right?
my familly suffers from catholic guilt, acute and chronic, so it's possible some rubbed off on me.
It's just it feels like loosing your grown a bit, what you're used to.

Violet said...

grown = ground

Violet said...

This "buddy" from the Other Side was actually a sort of subpersonality of mine. One of the voices in me. And this voice was particularly displeased with my current life, and that was his critique, it would be superficial.
He wanted me to save the world or something similiar, so this life seemed pretty negative. And here I'm kind of defending the positive perspective but being aware that the american dream is an illusion to a big degree... especially for me, because i'm not materialisc. Cars don't make me happy. mansions don't either. So i don't want to loose track of myself along the way.

Devil Mood said...

I know how you feel.
That's how I feel after a shopping-spree, there's a certain excitement and hype but then it depresses me because it's not what I'm about.

Violet said...

yeah.. that's it. you kind of float, but don't feel safe. you expect to fall =)
I'm not floating very high though.
I'm happy. The sun makes me happy.