Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Today's bike.....ride..../ search for key

My t shirt from Butterfly it.

Butterfly in the park today.....

This racoon was hurt....couldn't move a leg. it stinked and was full of flies.....when I passed by him he finally was able to move, I guess the adrenaline helped. =( sad..there was no blood. I don't know what happened.

An iguana. in the wild. huge one, gorgeous too.

A squirl easting a piece of my protein chocolate bar. he was very cute. at some point he climbed a tree....a palm tree and was upside down, eating it. squirls are so cute.
I'm kind of nervous today, because I lost the car key yesterday in the bike ride. It was on my pocket.... It's gone though. The new one will be ready in 2 days, and it will be expensive too. I don't know how it happened. ugh.
At least the iguana was exciting.


Devil Mood said...

That poor raccoon :(((

Cute squirrel! Isn't it a little odd to have them in Florida? I mean, Portugal is not as hot and we don't have them.

Violet said...

I don't know what they're habitat is supposed to be like, but we do have them! I've seen one in Lisbon, in Monsanto. Not sure they are local though.. could be a pet someone left.... They sure are rare. Here they are everywhere. You rarely leave home and not see one.