Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Cookies and bike ride

These people were feeding bread to the fish =)
we arrived at the same time at this bridge.
They talked to me, as people do here. I'm getting more used to it.
"hello there, how's your day going? We're here to feed bread to the fish" -he said, getting off his bike and feeding a duck some bread.

i said "Hi! Great, I'm taking some pictures, I'll watch for a bit"

They went by the water to feed fish, and I took the picture. Then I left to ride the bike a bit longer. I got a bit lost so decided to come back the same way, and on the way back, they were still there.

I asked them if they'd ever seen an aligator around there, he said he did, a baby one.

He said he fed some fish and then moved to another side, and about 50 fish followed him in the water :D

there was a crow there too getting some bread, and I told them about the crow I fed, getting the bread wet before he swallowed, and as I said that the crow was doing the same thing.
Crows are scarily smart. They use tools to open stuff.. mail boxes and things. to get coins and things that shine.
They asked my name and where i'm from. They were really nice and sort of reminded me of people on dope relaxed and peace-and-love, in a transcendent way.
I told them I'm from Portugal and the man said "There is one country on this "hemisphere" that speaks portuguese too, do you know which one?" :)
I knew he meant brazil. they were amusing. She asked if I like it in florida. And asked "the weather in portugal is alot like here, right?" We chatted a bit.
She said she liked my accent . I was surprised and pleased. I wonder what my accent is like. It's definatly not "portuguese" I hope.
And he couldn't figure out how to say my name so he said I'm the pretty girl with blue eyes. =)
they were kind of cartoonish. Simple and free. Makes me wonder what kind of lifes they have. I didn't ask their names. I don't think they were a couple or father-daughter. some kind of relatives. I'm curious about people.
They seemed out of context in that neighbourhood. they were pretty simple. This park is in the million dollar neighbourhood.

"Well, nice meeting you, have fun"- I said as I got on the bike.

"Hey nice meeting you too, bye"


Devil Mood said...

Cooking again?

I'm curious about people's lives too. I'm really snoopy.

Violet said...

always cooking :)
I also made some new pancakes.. with oatmeal, banana, lots of cinnamon, and coconut..yumm.