Friday, March 14, 2008

more fun then stiching

There are the things I bough, I forgot to mention in the last post about that scope botle, I beleive it's a mouth wash. I don't care what it is, i love the tiny botle.

these are the stiched pants, they're strechy and really comfortable. and they look nice, not in this photo though.

this is the shirt I got today.

The unstiched pants. They are pretty. and very comfy.

they are too long. i'll stich them once i'm done here. those are my feet. some of my toes are missing under the pants. I'll get right to that.

and these cookies came a long way accross the world. they're worth it. the ants sure think so. I couldn't get a photo of any ant. they're too tiny and quick.
Love u Bennie.

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Devil Mood said...

I like the clothes :) So many new things, it's exciting!