Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I belong

About the identity crisis I mentioned below, it's interesting to add that, I had never had a proper ID card in my life.. I use a "permanent residency authorization" and have to deal with some crap once in a while due to not being portuguese. Yeah, I could have both nationalities and whatever, I'll do that very soon. But the point is, I never did.
And now I have real documents, my own social security number... I feel more whole, more integrated in society. It's kind of unexpected to be in a strange and exotic country and tell them my name, and have them search their computers and say "yes, you sure did have a social security number, that makes it alot easier, for you... and for me!... you will get the card in 10 days, meanwhile use this paper. Have a great day"
Get it?


Devil Mood said...

Yes, weird! But wonderful!!
It gave me a great idea actually. Imagine feeling completely alien in your life and going to a place where you expect and still feel alien but people recognizing you and you somehow fitting in.
Well, that's more or less what you're going through but it's great metaphorically :D

Violet said...

that reminded me of someone with amnesia..... others recognize u but you don't. :P
not the case here.
this country is very motherly, Ive felt attached in many ways, but on daily things it's exotic still.
but feels like going home, for someone like me who never had that feeling much in life.