Monday, March 17, 2008

WEEE!! :)

I got an ID too. I even like the photo. :D

Today I drove to walmart by myself!

And then to the beach!!!! The water is so nice, it's warm.

I went to deerfield beach. This red think I think is a huge seed of something. and it has eggs of crab or whatever, but they looked like a flower, I thought it was worth a picture.

What a great day =) I got the drivers license and an ID. I don't need to carry my passport everywhere now. I also registered to vote.
They ask if you want to be an organ donor before they print the license! If you do, it's written there. In case you die, a few people could live :p
Of course the thought of them letting me die to get my organs comes to mind :P but one must trust people sometimes. I should have told them they can't get my stomache. it's bypassed. just kidding. i'm tired! I payed 3 dolars for my ID. and they printed it in 10 minutes.

They sell these at walmart by the way. american flags and license plates..and what not. they're expensive too.


Devil Mood said...

Yay! Congrats!
Must be that Venus transit :)

That red thing reminded me of a heart. I'm just romantic.

The word easy comes to mind when thinking about how quickly you got everything together there.

Violet said...

that red thing was just like a heart!

everything has been very flowy and quick, and easy yes.
Jupiter is conjunct venus in the 12th...... plus venus is conj my sun.
I have to enjoy it, it won't last forever.
Hopefully all the things i'm starting now will bear the mark of this transit :) fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

each day sweeter, where does it going to lead us? :)
take care.

Miste Anonymous ;)