Sunday, March 23, 2008

Random pics II

The neighbourhood......
Swans...... and a crow. I fed some old bread to a crow today.. and he picked it it his beak and took it to the water, got it wet, and then ate it. I can't blame him, the bread was really old and hard. Even the aligator had a hard time with it. :) Crows are smart. He did it 3 times. Then flew away.

This is where I pass in the way to the park:

This iamge I took from google, because I wasn't able to get a picture of a lizzard doing this, but lizzards here are like this, and they do this sometimes. I think it's a calling for females.

I just returned from West Palm Beach. It's raining like crazy today,for hours. But still, it is gorgeous. The houses are freakin crazy rich :) No pictures though. I was driving and besides it was raining alot.
The houses I posted a few days ago pale in comparison. Many of the ones I saw today import pieces of castles and stuff from europe to build here. It's just beyond.


Devil Mood said...

Oh my God, I love that lake! :)))

Over here it's freezing!! Snowing in Serra da Estrela and snowing in London, it's really brrrrr.

Violet said...

it is gorgeous. it's an artificial lake though. there are loads of them, in every row of houses.
I hope the sun shines again soon.