Saturday, March 15, 2008

Big Apple


It's BIG. I only got one, but they were all like this, maybe bigger. There were some normal ones too of a different brand.

Today i had venus conjunct sun, so it seemed like a good time to take pictures of me.
Do I seem bored? Taking several pictures of an apple? I'm not, really. It's just everything is new, I feel really excited all the time, litle things are exciting. I was awed during all my biking this morning at the park. i'm living intensily.
Today was one of the most exciting days. I went to get my drivers license. I studied for 15 minutes online, here:
then we had to leave to get there on time, hoping I'd have to wait at least 30 minutes, during which i could study a bit more. No such luck. I got there and took the test almost imediatly, after all the paper work and taking a photo. They told me to go to computer #3 and take the written test!
It had 2 parts, each had 20 questions. One was general rules, the other was signals. You're allowed to fail 5 out of each 20. I failed 6 or 7 on the general rules : The signals I passed. So the computer told me to go back to the examiner, and I told her I didn't pass the first one, and passed the second.. Then she asked me if i want to take the general rules test again, it would be 5 dolars. I said: YES, I do. I had no idea I could take it again! I knew which ones i had wrong, because the computer shows it and gives u the right answer. Also the computer said the credits i got from the right answers would be considered. That sounded good.
So i took another test. some questions were the same, Most of them were the same. i knew them and everything was right. I passed. I wasn't sure what that meant. If it was all. Went back to the examiner, and she told me to come back on monday to have the driving test. I can't wait to have my drivers license, I'll take a picture of ti and post it here!
I'll pay 20 dolars for the whole thing. In portugal you'll pay 600 euros or so. (940 dolars, by today's dolar rate)
And it sucks. The traffic signals have no words or phrases, you have to know what they mean. and know alot of useless random facts about trucks and god knows what.
Anyway. I was really relived to pass. It would be free if I didn't take it a second time.
God bless America. I love this country. :) I used to not like hearing people say this, but I totally agree now. Between this and the Walmart pharmacy section, it can't get much better for me. Besides a democrat will be president soon enough.
ps- the food here tastes better. I wondered about the cheese here, and it's very good. I had an amazing pizza experience at newark airport. (I saw Kat from miami ink at the airport! :D ) There's alot of healthy food too, and it looks great. i'm getting hungry!..... maybe i'll start chowing on that giant apple now. It will feed me for a couple of days,


Devil Mood said...

I'm speechless! 20 dollars? 5 dollars and you can take the test again? It's incredible!
It's great but I'm also thinking that no wonder everyone drives and's so easy.

That's a big apple! I'm feeling the excitement through your blog. The sun, the beautiful things, I think I'm liking America a bit more too. And you look great! :)

Violet said...

yes! it is incredible. people had told me already, but i had to see to beleive. hehe. I can't beleive I got to try it again right away.
I'm so glad you're feeling the excitement through the blog.
I have loads of photos to upload now :P
thank u****
I met a familly from Porto today :P

deepbluewater said...

Parabens :)