Monday, March 17, 2008

More pics

As we were leaving home for a walk, I saw that white bird on the street and was all psyched about it, trying to get a picture, then another showed up, and another, and then 4 more, and they were all feeding off the neighbours grass! This last photo is a lizzard. today I watched one and he was blowing an orange ball under his neck like frogs do! I couldn't get a picture of that.
I was told there are alot of iguanas hanging out here too.
The squirls are fun to watch. this on in the picture actually took a few steps towards me when I called! and then he just watched. that's what some birds do too sometimes. they kind of trust people. and kind of don't. wise they are.
The houses are worth millions of dollars. They are amazing. This neighbourhood is amazing. It's totally wild and totally civilized, all together. All in one.


Devil Mood said...

*sigh* like a breath of fresh air...

deepbluewater said...

Essa foto do gato... lembra-me tanto o teu Alex, tenho saudades de jogar com ele á sardinha!!lol
a minha gata só sabe partir a loiça lol

Violet said...

Devilmood, does that mean you're tired of city life?
In need for something different?
I'll wonder.

deepbluewater, hehehe....yap. tb tenho saudades dele, das dentadas.. eram viciantes. este era todo snob também. não me ligou nada.

Devil Mood said...

A bit...a fair bit.