Monday, March 10, 2008

travel preparations

I've been doing a million things, very productive day today. I'm preparing for Florida.
I still need to go to the pharmacy to get vitamins for the month, and some Dramine, for the air sickness I get. I hate flying due to it. And go to the bank and exhange euros to dollars. The euro is exactly 1.536 dollars right now. Not bad, for me.

I need to do alot of laundry, which I HATE.

I'm really sleepy. I bought decaf coffee and i think it makes me sleepy. I sound really boring when i'm sleepy. I'm just forcing myself to write today.

If I have easy access to the internet there i'll try to keep a diary on the blog of each day.

I'll leave lisbon on wednesday morning, arrive at Newark, stay there for 5 hours and then fly to Fort Lauderdale, i'll arrive at 5 am lisbon time. I hope to sleep alot. I'll take a book too.
And some music would be nice. some self hypnosis mp3. I love those.

I went to the american embassy today with my boyfriend, to ask about working visas and fiancee visas. It would be alot easier to get married in order for him to be able to live in the states. I feel ready to get married, I want it. I love my BF so much. and more everyday. I hope i don't burst soon. He's pretty perfect.

I have jupiter conjuncting venus next saturday, and a few times later this year. like in November, and venus trining my north node in the 7th at the same time..... I have a feeling I might be married later this year.
My saturn return in the 7th will be exact on the 21st August. so after that I guess it's safe to marry, right? The golden rule will not be broken. :)

With the fiancee visa we'd have to be married 90 days after being in the states...
I need my birth certificate. i can't find it anywhere. I've had a big trip down memory lane today, going through old stuff trying to find the birth certificate. Old pictures, old love letters, penpals, friends....seems like past lifes. I've found pictures of me really big, 60 kgs bigger I'd guess. I kept some. I threw alot of stuff out. I don't like to be attached to the past. It's not time for that now. Once I move out of the country most of my stuff will be left behind. It's ok though. I can deal with it. I just want my books and some objects I brought from other countries I've been to.
I'm trying to find a friend i used to talk to on ICQ. remember that? We were really close, and then I came to lisbon and didn't have internet at home for almost a year, and she was busy with a new baby and we lost contact.... back then there was no messenger. we never knew what we looked like until we started exchanging pictures through snail mail. good old days =P

Anyway, I'm rambling alot. I wish my blog had a theme. it's too miscelanelous.
I learned today that Bush vetoed the anti torture law....."alternative questioning techniques" will continue to be used. That means alot of people will be treated inhumanly and alot of people will be confessing stuff they didn't do in order to not be tortured. Bush is such a criminal. I don't see any diference between him and saddam hussein. His imigration law will make illegal imigrants into criminals.. it won't be just a civil offense, it will be a crime, and people that help someone in that situation will be a criminal too, that means humanitary help too. If they are dying...of thirst, you can't help. if they are children.. there are lots of possible situations where this could be particularly tragic and unhuman.
My mind is blank. I guess i'll go now. I'll try to update and post pictures often. thank u for reading.


Devil Mood said...

Oh this is too cute :)
It's all so exciting! Everything! (hearts, hearts)

Where in Florida will you be?
I'm looking forward to your Florida posts. And this could be your blog theme: moving to Florida (stupider things have been blog themes,believe me)...

The astrological outlook looks quite perfect!

Violet said...

thank u... i'll be in fort lauderdale, very close to miami.

the advantage of a theme blog would be to have a specific "audience" interested in that theme. and that would be interesting. but i can't do that. I ramble. pisces mercury, chaos. I need to talk about what i feel or think about life.
i hope to get some interesting photos, my camera doesn't have a memory card..i should buy one. i should go to bed :S i should do laundry. ugh. bed wins. *** =)