Sunday, March 16, 2008


Today we woke up early to go to church. Church lasted 4 hours.
Then we went to all the places in the photos on the post below this one. and a few more. My camera doesn't have a memory card, so i was limited to that and also to the fact we were driving most of the time, and usually the photos taken during driving suck.

Hopefully in the next days I'll be able to drive myself there again and we'll see. it didn't feel exotic today, mostly. The birds were fun.

I felt sickish because we had had breakfast early and I was without food for 5 to 6 hours. and that's not good. I need to eat every 2 or 3 hours, or my stomache goes on strike, and I get low blood sugar symptoms..... So we stoped at a place and ate an amazing wrap. with amazing vegetables I had never seen, I think one of them was sprouts from "linhaƧa" I have no idea how to translate that. it had cucumber, peppers, lettuce, tomato , chicken and a garlick cream. and it was amazing. I haven't eaten anything that wasn't delicious so far.

So then we went to visit some familly members of the friends I'm with, they're all brasilian. We were supposed to take some of those cookies I made....I made loads of them, because they weren't good, they melted and didn't rise, and, whatever, they finally were good. but we ended up not coming home again to take them to this familly's home. so everyone was wishing we had, specially me. I starved alot this day.
Then we had some tapioca! some sweet with coconut, and some salted. I ate one pancake of it, and a slice of bread and butter, and a coffee. And then......I thought I was gonna die. I had a crisis. Due to my gastric bypass I can't overeat or I get serious pain. It varies in intensity, it usually is acute and lasts half an hour at most. This crisis was big, I couldn't breathe almost. I don't even want to try to remember it. I went outside to get some air and try to survive and people were worried. and I was so embarassed. I had acute pain all over my abdomen and couldn't breath or talk, my mouth was foamy and dry.... because I was outside in the wind, mouth wide open trying to breathe. geez. fortunatly it passed quite suddenly, as it usually does, and things were back to normal. I explain to the people what had happened. If I don't eat for a long time, the next time I eat has to be a light meal. It's like a normal person doing a fast for a day and then eating a big pan of beans and meat or something like that. Tapioca is heavy stuff. I had never had it before.

It wasn't such a fun day. Due to the church, it made me think of past traumas, and it kind of haunted me... but the last part of the day the ride home was nice.
cheers to tomorrow.


Devil Mood said...

OH, no need to feel embarrassed about that :(
I've heard people with gastric bypass talking about that. It must be difficult to know what quantities are too much. I'm guessing a person feels really hungry and the next second full up.
And I have to eat every 2 or 3 hours too, fast metabolism, I think.

What really shocked me was: "church lasted 4 hours" - are you kidding? Why on earth???

Violet said... usually takes a while to feel full, and when you do you've already eaten too much.

the more times you eat the faster the metabolism gets :)

church lasted from 9 am to 1 pm :|
they had several stuff going on. I guess it will be like that every saturday. I'll be prepared on the next one. in the afternoon they had more stuff on church, we almost went :S