Monday, April 07, 2008

bagels with cream cheese

I became an addict of bagels and cream cheese from dunkin donuts. unfortunatly there is no dunkin donuts in this part of the globe, so I tried to make some myself! There are good tutorial videos on the internet. These have raisins and cinnamon too. :D They were pretty good.
They are supposed to be chewey, and you boil them in caramilized water before baking! And I washed the dough so it become more chewey, that's how people make seitan wich is basically wheat protein. And it actually worked! :D They aren't perfect but pretty damn close. they're crunchy and chewey and great combination with cream cheese!!!!!!!!
The coffee is smelling pretty good too. I'm waiting for my BF. This will be dinner. :D Hope he likes it.


Devil Mood said...

They look nice. :)
I just love cheese in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

sirbarrett said...

You should visit Canada to goto The Great Canadian Bagel. They have a good assortment of both bagels and cream cheeses.

Violet said...

Devil mood, I made some more yesterday, they look even better =) I made them smaller and chubbier.

sirbarret, I hope to visit Canada sometime, and I'll be sure to look for canadian bagels!.
I'm planning a move to the states and i'm actually taking into serious account the fact some states don't have a dunkin donuts! Like california! They are hoping to open 7 of them by august, so we'll see. Now that I can cook them myself it's not so vital.