Friday, April 25, 2008

Yael Naim | New Soul

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOOOVEE this song and many others she sings!

This is what she says about this song:
“a new soul, in this foreign world, hoping to learn a little”? “It was when I was really young that I sincerely believed to be an old soul reincarnated and I could even say it gave me a sense of superiority over others. But then as I subsequently did everything the wrong way round I concluded that it was actually my first time on earth and that I should learn to be a more humble.”

It's very pisces-aries shift! My progressed sun entered aries this year. (this happens once every 350+ years)
It's a shift from the last sign to the first. From "divine" caos, merging with All, utter fog, total sense of "been there done that", bah, to being primal, thirsty for life, directed, instinctive, genuine, fiery, naive, babyiesh. this would be the archetypal change from pisces to aries. It wasn't nearly as extreme but I identify so much with this song. Old souls learning to be new ones, letting go of the past, being simple.
The video is so cool. The beauty of accepting the destruction of the past and welcoming the new.


Devil Mood said...

Wow that really is appropriate to what you're talking about!
Generally I think of myself as an old soul too, not just soul, but an old mind. Perhaps because my Progressed Sun moved to Capricorn when I was 8. :P
This change is always a huge contrast.
I love that place in the video, in the middle of the lake.

Violet said...

:) I love it too. I love that she was decorating the house with lake image wallpaper and having a fish in a fishboul and then it all fell down and she got the real thing!
"this is a happy end" she says. such good vibes =)
The old soul thing also reminds me of me having south node in pisces and thus going to a simpler sign as I grow older.

Anonymous said...


Violet said...


check out her other songs, she sings in hebrew mostly

Anonymous said...

I actually knew a woman of this name (Yael) and I've been trying very hard to remember where from since I heard this song