Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I'm back in Lisbon

A bit jet lagged. and stressed. Today I have 2 classes at the same time, in different places... I think I'll have to quit one of them.
My friend F. is telling me about the radiations people get in long flights. I'm feeling justified to skip classes today :P
I feel a pain in the chest.. it's heavy, and overall feeling of not quite being here.
It's nice to be back, surprisingly :) the sun is shining.


Devil Mood said...

Oh you were so lucky with the weather. It's like Summer since yesterday.
You weren't this stressed in Florida, were you?

It's stupid for me to feel that you're closer now that you came back but I do.

Violet said...

I know, I'm so glad it's warm.

I was feeling exactly that as I wrote the post. I feel closer. =)
More accessible.