Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Life after death

Not trying to play around with semantics (which I find a very annoying habit some people entertain), and fully ackowledging death (in this as in most contextes) refers to physical death, I'll say I beleive there is no end of life. Life changes forms: bodies, shapes, levels, Forms are Maya =illusion. Change is the only death there is. The life core in us keeps existing even if the body dies.

I'm not minimizing physical death at all, like most people with a pseudo-spiritual perspective tend to do: "oh I'm not afraid of death at all, I can't wait to be with God"
I'm actually defending otherwise.... In my spiritual journey so far I've found that the spiritual world isn't that separate from the human one, the more human we are the closer to our soul we are, at least at some point in evolution.this is a very debatable subject... tradicionally we're taught that spiritual people don't have sex, don't enjoy food, don't enjoy life, the more they punish they're bodies and their emotions the closer they are to their spirit. I beg to difer. I think if you're in a spiritual level so high you're not meant to live things that come natural to having a body then u have no business being incarnated.

Under a light hypnotic state I've regressed to 2 deaths of past incarnations. One of them I was about 30 years old, died in a road accident, I re-lived a feeling of shear panic, of knowing I was crashing and then sudden absolute peace. Having read many books about regressions, I quickly figured I was re-living a death, and I tried to look back to that life and do a review of major events, but I just remembered the accident in memory, with no panic this time. and then I felt a very light sorrow for having died that young.

Second event, I re-lived a death by drowning which happened at about 8 years old as kid with lots of big ambitions and I felt very angry for having died and lost all the opportunities I had planned for that life. I rebeled against "destiny" or whatever it was that made the ship sink..it wasn't directed at anything actually, but I just did not accept this death, as the ego of a kid and as a soul.

So what makes sense to me, is that death is rarely a part of our soul's plans for life... it's a major set back in our evolution, because we have to start over alot of things, and it means coming back again and more often, everytime we died before our time. I beleive the physical death is often as unwanted by our souls as our survival instincts/reflexes would make us beleive. -> Unless it's a natural death or a planned death. I don't beleive at all that crimes are ever part of the souls plan, it's a crime to Man and to God.


Devil Mood said...

"if you're in a spiritual level so high you're not meant to live things that come natural to having a body then u have no business being incarnated."
wise words!

I think that you might feel that way because both deaths you reexperienced were at a young age, but it isn't always so.

Violet said...

My point is sometimes it is so, whenever death is caused by a criminal, and some accidents. I've been listening too many people day "God wanted him to go, why? God caused this"... not true.
What we do here, our choices, are as powerful as Gods. He gave us free will, and we use it everyday.

On the death I re-lived as an adult it felt so good to be there,without a body, total peace, it was great, but I did feel a light sorrow for the timing it happened, so it makes me beleive it wasn't something that was part of the plan.

Violet said...

In the post i did say death is rarely a part of the souls plan. I think that's wrong. the soul knows the body doesn't last much so it has to be part of the plan. but the timings sometimes don't match the plan.

and that's usually due to our choices and karma more then to an ideal plan.

Devil Mood said...

Yes, I understand, you're probably right.

Violet said...