Sunday, July 13, 2008

R.I.P. Lara

This is the natal chart and transits of Lara, a 19 year old girl that was raped and killed near my house in the azores yesterday morning..... her body was found in the woods in the afternoon by her father and uncle.

I didn't know her, I know her familly and everyone that knows her... the crime happened in a desert road crossing woods by my house. no one lives there, only 1 inhabited house half kilometer by. She was on her way to work at a restaurant. She was going to college in a few months. She seems really intelligent and interesting and beautiful. by her hi5 page i figure she wanted to study physics. I bet she was a great student.

Everyone's in shock. Her 20 yr old cousin and neighbour died in an accident 2 years ago... his father is her uncle that found her. My sister went by the place that afternoon and heard the men screaming in the woods. I keep imagining it and crying my eyeballs out. She was half naked, raped, and with 3 holes in the head.

This is the island's 9/11 event. Nothing will be the same. Inocense has been lost.

I meant to talk about her transits..... notice Saturn and Mars conjunct each other and conjunct the south node. these are the strongest planets in her chart. Mars rules her sun mercury and venus and all those are square saturn in capricorn. I can't see her chart as I write this. I don't know her time of birth, so the ascendent might be wrong.
I think the man that did this won't make it to jail alive. I hope they cut all his limbs and throw him in the ocean.


Devil Mood said...

How awful!
I didn't hear about any of this on the news. Em vez disso os telejornais falavam de que os chinelos agora são parte da moda, que os gémeos Pitt/Jolie nasceram e que um touro em Pamplona derrubou o reporter da rtp. Que mundo este.
Parece-me que a tua análise está bem apropriada. Pesadas aquelas quadraturas todas. :(

deepbluewater said...

Fiquei chocada, a "Zinha" estava lavada em lágrimas:(
Mundo este!?!

Violet said...

Podes crer.. so falaram de chinelos e ferias e merdas..... mas isto nem saiu no jornal ainda.. talvez ainda apareça qq coisa nos proximos dias. ela deve ir para autopsia..ainda n acabou a historia.... vou procurar na net se aparece noticias.