Thursday, July 17, 2008

New post

I've been wondering how would it be if it had happened to me.. the murderer near my home. Instead of Lara... I could have been walking there, like I have many times.

By the way, I think they're found the killer. It's a guy that has raped a girl before, a mute girl, he broke her arm. He was seen on his motobike at the time.. it happened between noon and 2 o'clock, he was carrying something, hiding something. I think it was him. He problably meant to rape her and then one thing lead to another, she had a slow death.

Anyway, maybe it's my piscean victim side, but I think it's very likely it would take a couple days until someone went looking for me.
The fact this become so public, she become famous, makes me think of her stellium in transpersonal signs. they problably were near her ascendent... her eyes are just like a friend of mine's who is cancer with capricorn rising, and her mouth is just like an aquarius I know. the transpersonal planets have an effect beyond the individual level... whatever...
i need to go study. sorry and thanks.
i think i'm getting tired of writing in english. should i change back to portuguese?


Devil Mood said...

If you like, it's your blog.
Yes, I think it makes sense that these tragedy victims assume a wider dimension than other people. I think this was much discussed in Elsa's blog.

Violet said...

i think i like writing alternadamente, em ingles e tuga...

nao vou a esse blog ha bastante tempo. talvez ha 1 ano, nao sei. tem-se falado de crimes?

estava a pensar nisso pq surgiu me a ideia de talvez as pessoas com os planetas transpessoais mt fortes estarem de certa forma destinadas a serem conhecidas.. famosas de alguma forma.
os meus mais fortes sao urano e neptuno e depois plutao axo.. e nas consultas de astro dizem me isso indirectamente.... e n sei. no caso dela bate certo. gostava mt de saber a hora de nascimento.