Friday, July 18, 2008

Mother Blackie

This is Blackie with my nieces :)
She absolutly loves children, from age 1 to 10. She stares at them and sits next to them if they are small. if they're bigger she wants to play. she protects them.
my mother is telling me some cute stories of her and my nieces. She's the best dog ever.
She went back to the azores yesterday. I'll see her in a week.


Devil Mood said...

hehe mother blackie, I love the title. They're all adorable and I can see that the girls are related to you, they're not exactly like you but there's definitely a resemblance :)

deepbluewater said...

Como estão grandes as tuas sobrinhas! Beijinhos para elas
Sim, a Blackie é adoravel:)

Violet said...

devil mood, thanks :) she's a mother for sure. I don't think they look like me, they both look like their fathers more then my sisters, but sometimes people from outside the familly see resemblances that we don't. I miss them.

Deepbluewater, isto foi em 2006 prai, elas estao bem maiores agora!