Monday, January 28, 2008

Choices in love

Back to saturn, which is now structuring how I live relationships.... I'm having a hard time choosing between passion, romance, fusion, being known and understood...... and a stable partner for life.... with whom to raise a familly and share a nice pretty life, with none of the other things. What kind of life would it be?

I keep thinking if that life turns out to not be so pretty, if there's desease, children with no health... would I cope? the answer is problably not. My inner balance is pretty fragile. I can't afford to make bad important choices. I usually don't.
I feel very anguished about this. It's hard to explain the process through which stability in relationships has become so important for me lately, and how it seems to matter just as much as all the things I don't have.

I'll wait. A bit longer.


Devil Mood said...

I just hate Saturn in the 7th!! GRRR

Why? Why?

And why do you feel like you need to choose? Isn't there another way? I'm not really asking, I'm just wondering to the skies..

Devil Mood said...

You're tagged :)

Violet said...

thanks for both the tag and the empathy :)