Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Six random facts about me

I was tagged by Devil Mood to write this. :)
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(with a mix of Post Secret to it)

1- I , involuntarily, threw myself over a cliff on a 4 wheel moto at the age of 11, broke a few ribs and got some scars.
2- I learned to drive a car at the age of 12.
3- I have 2 sisters and 1 adopted brother. And yes, my parents are nuts.
4- As any middle child, I'm traumatized. To ilustrate this I can tell you my parents like to tell the story of me in the crib with my 10 month younger sister and I'd cry and then shout her name, so they would think it was her crying, this was meant to make someone come faster.
5- I wanted to be a virgin until marriage due to my faith in God. I changed my mind about both at 22.
6 - I like writing this so much I'm considering writing random facts about me on regular posts. Maybe once a week.

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Devil Mood said...

hehe those were fun!
Actually I have trouble finding random facts about me to blog about. I think I've said it all by now.

I have a feeling all children are traumatized: middle, older, younger, only child...etc. But I understand your point.

Violet said...

:) I think it's my aqua rising, I have lots of quirks. Maybe most people do, but I cherish mine especially :)