Thursday, January 17, 2008

Detox ... ?

So... I don't think the enema worked. I wasn't able to get much liquid in, it either didn't move out of the pear no matter how hard i squeezed or moved and most came out and wet my bed. I think a bit went in though. I layed there on my right side for 20 minuted anyway, so the coffee would reach the liver, thinking next time I'll ask if I should lay on my head if I want the liquid to go to my brain and laughing by myself.
I'm stupid, I know.
But some things just don't make alot of sense to a non medical person like myself.

I will try it again, but with water or water and magnesium sulfate, or a proper soap. Maybe I'm too clugged for anything to go in yet. I'll keep trying. Wish me luck. Meawhile I went shopping and am preparing a nice dinner for tonight. :)


Devil Mood said...

I think you deserve the nice dinner :)

Anonymous said...

V, maybe you can just go get a colonic. Colonic irrigation, it's called in Canada, or colonic hydrotherapy? Do they have that where you are?

Violet said...

They have it here. I'll think about it. the reason I haven't done it yet is I doubt i'll get cleaner then I've been before taking magnesium sulfate a couple of times. It's possible though. it oxiginates and all. I'm just cheap.

Anonymous said...

It would help to use an enema bag over an enema bulb.

Do some searching on coffee enemas and you will see that they are quite good at detoxing you. They can also be quite relaxing.

Violet said...

hi there. I've been doing them, yesterday and again today, because they seem to be working. i feel much more energetic. thanks for stoping by.