Thursday, January 03, 2008


This photo is by Eric Francis. He has a mind blowing photo gallery on planet waves, his link is on my link bar... this is somewhere in Paris, maybe in a place called shakespeare and Co.
I don't have permission to post the picture, I didn't ask. I hope he won't mind. I've been meaning to write to him, to say how cool I think he is. and maybe to correct the name of the former portuguese prime minister which he got wrong somewhere in his photos of some european politicians where he was..
This post isn't about Eric though. I just wanted to say i've been a bit sick. I get low fevers every one in a while in the last 2 weeks. And I get tired and in pain. It sucks. I'm hoping it's a half dead flu virus and not something more serious. i've thought it could be leuchemia and fybromialgia (spelling?) . I get a bit hypocondriac sometimes.
In a couple of hours i'll be having my first neuropsych. post grad class. It'll just be an introduction. not a proper class. I'll need to leave sooner because it's right on the main avenue in the city and it will be rush hour soon. And i don't enjoy public transports that much, besides I can't get tired. After the class there's a party to go too. a new volkswagen is being launched i think. Not sure at all. but my boyfriend was invited and I will go too if i'm feeling up to it.
I wish i'd be talking more about my saturn transit. But I think this might be the kind of thing it takes a while to digest, you can only talk about it a while after it's done.... I miss places like the one on this photo. childhood felt like that.

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