Saturday, January 19, 2008


Just thought I'd share I'm having a cook craze, it is official. I have been cooking ALOT, and things are delicious, my freezer is packed with food. I want to cook, improve my cooking, eat and feed people. This is what drives me. Venus is conjunct my moon these days. That must be why.

I made the best chicken soup ever. The best roasted meat. The best caccoa balls, the best fruit salad.... what else..? potato salad. banana pancakes. I'm having violent urges to bake home made cookies. which i've never done by myself. I've decided to wait and get proper ingredients and do them tomorrow. also having urges of discovering how to make pizza dough, so I can make the perfect pizza. I use a tomato sauce for pizza which is delicious. then put some canned pineapple in tiny bits, and green pepper in tiny bits and them a mix of cheeses or just mozzarela, it's great. Except I do it with frozen pizza bases and they're ok, but not very exciting. I miss good pizza. There are 3 pizzarias in my island and they are all very good. (the photo is from one of those, i didn't make it) My island has 15 thousand people. I now live in lisbon, which has half a million people, and no good pizza anywhere. I've looked hard. There are some that are interesting but not my idea of pizza at all. Most are just very very bad. This pains me much. I had a very good pizza in a town up north once. 300 kms away.

I still have a fat person's head. Food is so amazing. I've tried drugs once, and it was good, but food is better. It used to be at least. It did change after the bypass. Now I get disapointed often. I expect food to have the same effect as before, and it doesn't. Maybe that's why I like to feed other people now.


Devil Mood said...

I think you're making me hungry. Banana pancakes sound so great :)

It's a craze no doubt, but even I had a little thought about searching for a recipe one of these days. It was just a thought, didn't get round to searching, let alone cooking. :P

Violet said...

:) it's an epidemic then!
banana pancakes can be great. just add one to the dough. No liquidificador. Podes por canela por cima no fim.. uma vez meti côco também, e alguma farinha integral. ficou maravilhoso. Esta n saiu tao bem, talvez por causa da farinha extra fina. costumo usar branca de neve normal. Estou um bocado hyper agora, por causa dos bolos que acabei de postar :D
cooking is fun!