Sunday, January 20, 2008

Cinnamon Rolls

Aren't these amazing?? I just made them and I'm sooo excited!!
They are freakin delicious! And I think they look beautiful.
I have to go because I'm sending these pictures to friends online and they are coming over right now!

Thanks to Pioneer Woman for this recipe!!! I was reading her blog all night long!
She's alot of fun to read, and there's amazing recipes there.

Be back later!


Devil Mood said...

they do look good. I'm sorry they're cinammon, though, bcause Im not a fan :(
But well done!

Violet said...

thank u :))

Anonymous said...

okay I want one RIGHT NOW

Violet said...

I don't blame you! :)
Don't mean to torture you, but I should add they also have a frosting on top with coffee in it, and I can't imagine a more perfect mix. it's genious!

Aaminah said...

Hey!!!!! They looks SCRUMPTIOUS!!!!! Can't wait to try them out! But I want to try the fourth of the actual recipe if you could sort out the ingredients for me please.. pretty please with a cherry on a top!?! :P

Looking forward to your reply so I can try them instantaneously! Wohho can't wait!!!!