Friday, May 02, 2008

Awakening the Mother

This is a tiny pisces baby we met last week...... I think we connected. Pisces connect alot with each other. See how they swim in flocks? That's what happens. Notice his upset face while with my cancerian man...

Now, notice his peaceful smiling face looking deep in my eyes. Yeah...

Babies are pure spirits. This is what I'm realizing.

I read a couple days ago how a transit of jupiter in the 12th house is good for getting pregnant. It makes sense.. then when jupiter (expansion ) goes on the 1st (how u look) you get huge.

Then today someone on the street gave me a flower for Mother's day... which will be sunday.

All this mother energy going around me. I would actually be happy if I got pregnant now. Not that it's a good time at all. But it rarely is anyway. I want a pisces baby. That means I need to get pregnant in July! :)

Let's see what Ben says about that. :) I love his genes. He loves kids. So far so good.

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fernandojmonteiro said...

...and you are smiling, that's really great :)