Thursday, May 01, 2008

Botanic Garden

This tree has some kind of plant over it.... it was amazing, so tall! A person could live in there.
I'm chubby, I gained 3 kilos from all the cooking. I kind of like it. But I want to loose 6 kgs. I need to get a grip before the clothes stop fitting.

Amazing ancient trees..

this is actually a bathroom now. Gorgeous one!

My smile was getting old cause Ben decided to wait for the cat to go by, so it would be in the picture. I love this tree and the old building.


Devil Mood said...

Turtles! :)

So you like the weight you gained but you want to lose it? Make up your mind already!!

Violet said...

The turtles were really cute...
thanks for asking about the aparent contradiction. I say too many things like that and don't bother to explain, mostly because I need to psychoanalize myself a bit for it.

I think because being overweight was a big part of my identity for so long and I was so used to it, and even had to learn to like it as much as possible in order to not hate myself, it feels confortable still. I'm a bit phobic of loosing too much weight.and I think it's kind of cute and adds a certain charm, and maybe personality.

another part of me likes the thin look, and it fits my venus in capricorn sense of esthetic. And maybe it pleases the cardinal in me wanting to control things, the adrenaline of a challenge of loosing weight... people have been giving me credit for loosing weight, and I dont feel i deserve it much, since all I'm doing is eating as much as I can whenever I can. the bypass did all the work so far. Not anymore. =)
After a couple of years people can gain weight again if not careful, that's where i am now.

see? long explanation!! I hope u don't regret asking heheh

Devil Mood said...

Now I understand :)

My weight is frustratingly stable. It has increased over the last couple of years but it's hard to lose any, when I want to.
And also because I have to discipline to stop eating cookies.

I wrote a comment on your latest post but it was eaten by blogger. I'm sorry, can't make myself write it again today. It was long and pointless. :(

Devil Mood said...

I mean I have NO discipline.

Violet said...

Dieting is hard.... u really need to find very good motivation for it, and then know how to do it right.
My bf wants to loose weight, and I should too, so I'm trying to reprogram myself to do it..I've had lots of experience at it before. and it doesn't come natural.
I'd like to have been a nutricionist... jupiter in the 6th, cancer opens the house. and it's a very virgo profession....

I hate blogger for eating your commentt =( maybe u could try again later, if u'r inspired.