Friday, May 09, 2008

Meet Blackie

My familly's 100 pound rottweiller. She was meant to be shipped to brazil today, along with my mother, but she was missing an authorization from the brazilian consulate... no one told us about that. So she didn't go. She camae from the azores yesterday, she took a muscle relaxer. She took a few more this morning as she was supposed to be asleep during the flight.. Now she's snoring in the floor next to me.

She has a pink tongue. She's likes to run after rocks. The "plan" is to ship her back to the azores on sunday. I'll keep her here meantime.


Devil Mood said...

Aww the poor thing.
Reminds me when my dog has procedures and he came home with his tongue sticking out and snored for hours. Oh I miss him so much :(

Violet said...

:( hug.

I decided to keep her and then take her home in july.....! big decision.
she slept on the sofa today :S she doesnt control her bladder too well, i hope it's just the muscle relaxer problem.
this might be uranus square moon too.

Devil Mood said...

humm yes, a bit of chaos in the house! But hopefully she'll go back to normal soon.
And you get some nice company :)

deepbluewater said...

i miss blakie