Saturday, May 24, 2008

veggie week and more

I've been busy and stressed this week, but not necessarily productive.
I made it through vegetarian week just fine. I cooked some wonderful seitan yesterday and a mix os whole grains, and some couscous with coconut which i just had for breakfast.

I watched La graine et le mulet a couple days ago, it's about fish couscous, people trying to open a restaurant where that would be the main dish, and it made me want to eat couscous. It's really simple to make, and tastes quite nice.
I put 3 measures of water to 1 of couscous. first let the water boil, with some salt and I put more sugar then salt, to make it a bit sweet. after boiling, take it out of the fire and put the couscous and shredded coconut in, and mix it for a while until it grows , then add a couple spoons of butter and put it back in the fire and mix until it's dryer. Then I put it in muffin shaped things and baked it for a bit. to make it crunchy on top.

Anyway, I love Blackie with all my heart, she's the best dog ever. She was attacked yesterday, by a stupid german shepperd, half her size, and she didn't attack back, which made me proud of her, she ran away, but she got bitten in her cheek and ear. It was really upsetting. The owner of the dog was afraid to push his dog away! Idiot! Blackie never attacked back, she just tried to escape and scare the dog. She could have killed that dog in no time.
I remember many years ago I had 2 big dogs that got into very nasty fights sometimes, they almost killed each other. One of them had been trained to hunt foxes or something, he came to our house when he was really old, and he killed a few of our cats. He bit me 2. I have a scar on my finger from it. He was called Whiskey. Anyway, the dogs where about to eat each other, and I was in panic. We had a huge thing nearby with water inside, a plastic thing, about 1 meter diameter half full of water, and the adreanline made me strong enough to pick it up and throw the water on the dogs, and they imediatly ran in different directions. I felt like a hero.
After the dog attacked blackie, she ran away, then I gave her some water and petted her, then we played with rocks again. And the other dog showed up again, and I didn't let her come near, I tried to scare her (it was another female) and she kept coming, so I threw some water on her and she ran away :D just a drop of water was enough. So if you ever have problems with dogs just throw water on them, and they'll run.

Back to the vegetarian week issue, I was watching videos on youtube about farm chickens..... to say it was horrific is quite fair..... horrific to imagine living beings treated like that. You'll have to see for yourself. It's also horrific to imagine eating meat that was treated like that, and problably full of diseases and bad nutrition. I hope to never buy non organic eggs again and avoid chicken meat.
I'm sharing a video of the battery chickens. I saw lots and lots of videos like that one, this kind of chicken treatment seems to be mainstream and totally legal! So it's really important people boicot this and only buy organic eggs or chicken meat from people that have chickens in goodconditions, where they are free and treated with respect. Both for their sake and our health. I beleive food has energy and I beleive in karma, the energy you create will come back in some way. So I'm aware of this now. It's really sad what animals go through. I felt really good about not contributing to it this week, and about having payed twice the price I usually do for a pack of organic eggs instead of the other ones.
I wish I knew how chickens are treated in Portugal, these videos are about the states and england, and the laws there.. human slaughter law. I wish I knew how things are done here. I'll try to find out.

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Devil Mood said...

My dog used to pick fights with dogs 3 times his size, he was never afraid of them and almost got killed more than once. It's horrific to see dogs fighting, especially when you dog is being thrown around by others. :( And water seems to be the only thing that works, they seem to wake up from a bad dream.

It seems logical for me to think that such meat has bad energy. The animals suffer and their bodies surely reflect that because energy never disappears, it just changes shape, right? It's so wrong the way we're treating this world :(