Friday, May 09, 2008

Life II - saturn in the 7th

Devil Mood said...
Did that happen recently? That sounds like hell. But I really enjoyed reading that, even though I don't have much wisdom to offer (from one saturn in the 7th to another lol - we should write a book with this title, don't you think?)
Oh the lessons I'll have to learn until my return. I feel like I haven't learnt a single one, to be honest.
This happened exactly a year ago! It was hellish. I felt exactly that that before, like I didn't know anything at all about relationships, truely. This must be normal then, before the return. But maybe you won't have to learn the same things as I did. I made very silly mistakes, out of naiveness. I've seen very few people that would make the same kind of mistake.

With saturn in the 7th you'll see the worst in other people, and hopefully feel at peace with yourself, and learn from naiveness mistakes. I learned I need to be aware of other people and not project myself onto them, because no matter how good the things I project onto them, if it's not reality it will never turn out to be a good thing. People don't feel good if u expect them to be good, because they might not be used to being good... or not want it.

Also they problably feel ignored if u deal with them in a non realistic way, and they're right. People need to be seen as they are. For me it doesn't come natural to look at someone giving out weird signs and know what's on their minds. I've always thought people were like me. This is what most people will do. naive people. This is a terrible fault for someone on a psych route. It's a distorted form of empathy.

Another big effect of all this was I learned to value really good people. Good men. I've always liked nice boys, but not too nice, that was boring. Now that changed, nice is not boring, it's valuable. I'm so glad this changed, because now I've found a good man, the kind I know I can trust forever.Before i wouldn't be able to deal with all this niceness.
Anyway, Saturn is hard but the lessons are pure gold. =) It's totally worth the tears you cry.


Devil Mood said...

Thanks for that :)
I think I must project a lot, good and bad, 3 planets in the 7th...PLus I've got a lot of intuitiveness about people (not sure if it's good or bad) and I tend to not ask and simply assume. So it's important that you mentioned that!

Violet said...

yep.. that might not be a good thing at all especially after saturn starts returning to the 7th. I never noticed any bad effects before that.